Best Locks For Entry Doors

Your home is a place of refuge, a sanctuary where you and your family should feel safe. Unfortunately, criminals burglarize millions of homes every year, leaving people scared and feeling unprotected. To enhance the security of your home, you need to consider the types of locks on the entry doors since this is the most common area compromised during an intrusion.

Getting a Professional Assessment

Instead of going out and buying just any entry door lock, you should start by hiring a locksmith to come to your home for a professional assessment. As part of this, the individual will show up at your home and walk with you through the property, inside and out. The locksmith will check your current door and window locks as well as look for potential areas of risk.

After looking at everything, the locksmith will go over recommendations, not just for entry door locks but other locks as well and even security systems. The nice thing about a professional assessment is that the locksmith makes suggestions based on what he or she saw in and around your home as opposed to just general recommendations for better protection.

Quality Entry Door Locks

Obviously, security is a top priority. Therefore, you want to purchase the best entry doors possible. That coupled with the right locks will bolster the level of protection. According to the American National Standards Institute, there are three door lock grades, each with a different level of quality, durability, and strength. Therefore, after choosing strong doors, you want to consider locks that fall in the best category.

Grade 1 locks are the best when it comes to entry doors. These locks actually meet building requirements for commercial properties but are available for residential doors as well. Although Grade 1 locks are deadbolts, they are not standard Mortise, knob, or handle sets, just commercial handles. When conducting a search, look for knobs that can withstand 800,000 cycles and six door strikes. In addition, Grade 1 locks passed a 360-pound weight test. For deadbolts, you want something that can withstand 250,000 cycles and up to 10 door strikes.

Although you may find something that you like better in the Grade 2 category, remember that virtually any deadbolt outperforms other types of locks. For drilling, picking, and hammering, deadbolts cannot be beat. To determine the right type of deadbolt to purchase for your entry doors, you have two primary options.

First, check the latest Consumer Reports, which provides extremely helpful information. Second, talk to a licensed locksmith who specializes in residential locks and security systems. This individual can offer guidance as to the right deadbolt for your home. Along with better entry door locks, having a new home security system is the perfect way to enhance overall protection.