Moving Checklist | A Convenient Way Of Moving All Of Your Belongings

What is the biggest mistake people make when they are moving? Answer: they tend to forget something behind. This is because all they do is wrap things up with wadded packing paper and toss them into boxes. That is why it is important to write an item checklist. Sort out the things you want to bring with you and things you want to leave behind, give away or sell. Remember, don’t pack too much. You don’t want to moving into a new house just to find out there’s not much room for your stuff. Having a checklist would also sort out future arguments. For example, your eldest daughter is revolting because she forgot her favorite sneakers and blames it on you. When in fact, she gave it to one of her BFF’s back home. Sounds kind of silly, but makes sense.

What to include and exclude in that checklist

You have to think of everything. Are there any items you left with your neighbors or maybe gym clothes? Don’t limit yourself to the belongings inside the house. You might also want to get rid of anything that could be easily replaced by making a purchase like soap, shampoo and tissue paper. Another good tip, why not avail of self-storage units within the area of your new home. These units are for some items you can’t get rid of, but can’t keep inside the house. Include everything in this checklist, don’t leave out a single thing. Also, why not make every member of the family make their own list? The burden shouldn’t be carried by one alone.

Manage your moving checklist

Your moving checklist should be updated. Clear things up or add more items you want to bring. Divide your checklist and make sure to wrap everything with wadded packing paper or newspaper, especially fragile items. Some people even sub-categorize, for example, kitchenware, under that are glassware, cooking pans, trays and more. This might sound a lot of work which is true, but this will make things a lot easier for you. Also, this is where your label maker shines. Label everything people. The magic of a moving checklist.

Moving Planner

If you want an upgrade, why not turn that moving checklist into a planner? Include all the necessary information about your moving. A checklist, moving services you want, the date when you want to move and more. That way, if you have questions you can consult the planner. Moving should be organized, not sloppy. If you want, you can hire professionals to do all the work for you. But of course, it will cost you. This is advisable if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, but if you do, do it and save some money.

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