Finding A Wedding Day Present For Your Husband


There is no secret about it; people don't even try to pretend anymore, the wedding is all about the bride. She is the center of attention on this blissful day. She has the dress, the make up, the perfect hair and smile. She is radiant and quite literally the most beautiful person in the venue. But in all this, the world tends to forget one important thing. The groom. As much as this day is all about the bride, it would all be impossible without the groom and he needs to look tip top for those wedding photos too. So, as everyone mills around trying to get to the bride, it is up to her to make time and get something special, other than herself, for the groom. Here are some simple tips from Lovepear wedding photography on the perfect present you can give your groom on your wedding day.



Dedicate something to your husband

If you have a good voice, then you can sing him something from the heart. If you cannot sing to save your life, then you can recite a poem, dance for him or better yet, if you can afford it, you can hire his favorite singer/band to do his favorite number. But since weddings can be very expensive and superstars even more to hire, you can hire a very good cover band, or someone just as good a singer to do his favorite song as you dance for, or with him. Segments like this make for fabulous wedding photography too.

Provocative photos

We all know why you hired the best wedding photographers in Kent, so they can capture and immortalize your special day in perfect digital print. But, what if, just for kicks, you decided to employ them to do a little bit more for your husband? No, we are not talking about lewd nude-photos, just a few tastefully provocative images for your husband to hold dear and only for him. You can privately hire the best wedding photographer kent/ portrait photographer kent to take tasteful photos of yourself in your wedding dress or even in a pre-wedding Boudoir Lingerie photo shoot. This will act as terrific keepsakes for as long as your husband has the sense of sight.

Sneak away for some privacy right after the ceremony

Things tend to get real crazy during weddings. What with all the dancing, eating, drinking and congratulatory hugs, it is real easy to get lost in it all. Before all that 'crazy' descends on both of you, how about stealing your new husband away for just a few moments of peace. This should be for just the two of you and maybe your chosen Kent wedding photography expert. Just a few moments to catch your breath, look into each others eyes and realize that you have done it; you will be together forever. It might sound simple, but it is really something.

There are a lot of ways through which you can surprise your new husband on this day. It all depends on how well you know him. Use this knowledge to your advantage and get him something you know he will appreciate.